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Fun - Educational - Great Family Activity
River Bend Mining Attraction and Gemstone Panning
Prospect for your own gems! Keep what you find! Strike It Rich!

Mining Is Fun!

Our newest and most exciting family recreation attraction is the “Lucky Strike Mine and Gemstone Panning Sluice”, located on the grounds of the Campground.

The mine was developed as an interactive attraction where families can mine for rare gems, fossils, minerals and shells from all over the world. Guided by the light on your miner’s helmet and with miner’s bucket in hand, prospectors enter an authentic mining attraction line with rare and exceptional specimens such as actual dinosaur bones, shark’s jaws, fluorescent rocks and treasure. Yes! All gems are the real thing as many are of high quality and suitable for cutting, polishing and mounting.

Besides being lots of fun, this attraction is highly educational! In a short time, kids can easily gain the knowledge to identify and catalog over 125 different minerals, gems, fossils and shells.

* Now Booking; Birthday Parties, School, Scouting, and Youth Groups *

Mining Is Fun!

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